Safety Tips

  1. Community Policing

    Community policing is a joint effort between the police and citizens of South Fayette Township to form a partnership in assisting each other in dealing with crime and other social problems.

  2. Crime's Most Frequent Target - Teens

    Teenagers are more frequent targets of crime than any other age group in the U.S.

  3. Don't Invite Trouble

    Be cautious about letting strangers know your daily routine or vacation plans.

  4. Drug Awareness, Identification & Symptoms

    Read about identifying the symptoms of drug use and be aware of the effects of drugs.

  5. Internet (Cyber) Safety

    The Internet has created a highway of information that is easily accessible from your home or office. Unfortunately, it has also created some new dangers, especially to children and teenagers.

  6. Operation Identification

    Most burglars sell what they steal, making it difficult for police to trace stolen goods.

  7. Preventing Fraud Against Senior Citizens

    If you are over 60 years old, you should be aware of possible fraud incidents.

  8. Preventing Home Invasions

    A home invasion is when a person or persons enter a residence with or without permission, with the intent to commit a crime within that person's residence and deprive them of their property.

  9. Preventing Identity Theft

    Adults of all ages, not just seniors, may be targets of identity theft.

  10. Protecting Yourself & Property From Crime

    Burglars are opportunists - don't give them the opportunity.

  11. Safety for Kids

    If a stranger asks you to help find something, or offers a ride, money, or gifts, say "no" and get away fast.

  12. Safety in Your Home

    A lock won't do any good if you let the criminal in yourself.

  13. Seat Belt Safety

    Read tips to make sure everyone in the family is buckled in right!

  14. Vehicle Safety

    There's more to auto safety than being a good driver.

  15. Vehicle Safety for Older Children

    Find vehicle safety advice for older children.

  16. Victim Procedures for Identity Crimes

    If you become a victim of an identity crime, there are 6 main steps you should take.