1. Building & Code Enforcement

    The Building & Code Enforcement staff deals with building and zoning code enforcement, building inspections and permits, and construction issues.

  2. Community Development

    Community Development coordinates print and online communications with the public, media and township departments, while encouraging economic development and striving to build community identity and relationships.

  3. Finance & Budget

    The Finance Department manages the areas of budgeting, accounts payable, financial reporting and payroll, as well as human resources.

  4. Manager's Office

    The Township Manager is the head of our local government. The elected Board of Commissioners appoints the Manager to oversee all departments and enact the board's policies and ordinances.

  1. Parks & Recreation

    Parks & Recreation offers park activities, recreational programs for all ages and pavilion rentals. The department works closely with township athletic groups.

  2. Planning & Engineering

    Planning & Engineering is responsible for planning, zoning and engineering services. The department works closely with the Building & Code Enforcement Department, the Planning Commission, the Zoning Hearing Board and the Environmental Advisory Council.

  3. Police

    The 15-officer South Fayette Township Police Department patrols the township and answers about 6,000 service calls each year.

  4. Public Works

    The Public Works Department maintains parks, repairs roads, plows snow, cuts grass, and much more.