Bulletin Board Policy

South Fayette Township has adopted the following policy for use of the community bulletin board, which is located next to Interstate 79.

  • All bulletin board messages must originate from the offices of South Fayette Township and will be the sole responsibility of the township.
  • All bulletin board messages must contain information pertinent to township residents, such as community events, activities, and information.
  • The township is under no obligation to post any material from an outside source. However, based on available space, the township may allow notification of special events that are open to the general public and sponsored by nonprofit, township-based groups or organizations. Such notifications shall run for no more than 2 weeks in a 6-month period. All applications for space must be submitted to the township manager on a township application no later than 1 week prior to the desired announcement date. The township manager shall authorize all announcements. A party may elect to be heard before the township Board of Commissioners regarding any refusal by the manager to include their announcement.
  • No commercial announcements will be posted on the community bulletin board.