Senior Citizens

The South Fayette Area Senior Citizens Association, Inc. provides social and recreational opportunities for its members age 55 and over and their spouses. The seniors meet in the Community Room at the Senior Center, located at the back of the township building, 515 Millers Run Road.

Senior Citizens Association Bylaws
The Senior Association Bylaws are published in the township code.

Meetings & Membership
The group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 12:30 PM. Please attend the meeting if you are interested in joining the senior center.

Activities (2016)
Sundays, 1 PM, Pinochle
Mondays, 7 PM (or 6:30 PM in wintertime), Euchre
Tuesdays, Noon, 500 Bid
Thursdays, Noon, 500 Bid
Thursdays, 7 PM (or 6:30 PM in wintertime), Euchre
Fridays, 12:30 PM, Bingo

Margie Smith, President, 412-221-3730
Shirley Petrillo, Vice President, 412-221-4956
Wava Maroski, Treasurer
Elaine Salizzoni, Secretary
Joyce Bartolomeo, Membership
Mary Gates, Membership
Nancy Smelko, Auditor
Bob Kraus, Auditor
Alice Oblock, Share of Wealth
Evelyn Smith, Share of Wealth
Marlene Hoffman, Publicity
JoAnne Petrillo, Calling Supervisor

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