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Posted on: October 6, 2016

South Fayette Township gets upgraded credit rating and saves $2.3 million with bond refinancing

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has upgraded the rank of South Fayette Township to AA and listed the municipality’s outlook as stable.

Plus, the township recently saved $2.3 million in debt costs by refinancing bonds.

The AA credit rating—just two slots below the top AAA rating—is considered to be investment grade, meaning the township has a “very strong capacity to meet financial commitments,” according to the S&P Global Ratings website.

In 2013, the township’s long-term rating increased two spots from A to AA minus, and this year, the rating was bumped up another step.

South Fayette Township Manager Ryan Eggleston likened the rating to a personal credit score but for local government: “This is equivalent to having a really strong credit score that just went up a little higher. It’s great news. It continues to show our dedicated focus on improving the financial stability of the township.”

Also, the Board of Commissioners has approved refinancing a 2009 bond series—the township’s only bond debt—in order to save more than $2.3 million over the remaining 14-year life of the bonds.

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Read S&P bond rating report
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