Emergency Management


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Emergency Warning System

Emergency ManagementDuring severe emergency situations such as a tornado, fire sirens will sound at a steady tone for 5 minutes at the four South Fayette Township volunteer fire departments: South Fayette, Sturgeon, Fairview, and Oakridge. (The siren sound will cycle up and down for other types of emergencies, such as fire and rescue.)

The departments have installed controllers that enable the sirens to be activated by the Allegheny County 911 Center during emergency warnings for severe weather, disasters, or other emergency situations.

The South Fayette fire departments are some of the first to provide this coordinated emergency notification service to residents. All residents are urged to tune to their local weather and/or news on the radio or TV and take appropriate action during an emergency.

Emergency Management Council Mission Statement

The goals of the South Fayette Township Emergency Management Council are to:

  • Reduce the vulnerability of the populace and property of South Fayette Township to injury and loss resulting from natural or man-made disasters
  • Provide prompt and efficient rescue, care, and treatment of people threatened or victimized by disaster
  • Facilitate rapid and orderly restoration and recovery following disasters
  • Effectively educate the public regarding their responsibilities in responding to disasters that affect the township

Emergency Operations Center Team

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff prepares, maintains and follows the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which prescribe implementing procedures and/or action checklists. Individuals assigned to these functions are required to coordinate their actions with the Emergency Management Coordinator, who will coordinate the overall action with the Allegheny County Emergency Management Agency and with other municipalities involved. The team includes:

  • Dan Dernosek, Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC)
  • Joe Janocha, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator (DEMC)

Emergency Management Plan

The Emergency Management Plan describes the organizational and general operational concepts and procedures to be implemented in South Fayette Township to maximize the effectiveness of emergency assistance, to minimize the loss of life and property, and to expedite recovery from disaster. It is an all-hazards plan and is applicable to any natural or man-made disaster.

Toward this end, the South Fayette Township Emergency Management Council and representatives of each of the following emergency services and agencies have cooperated in the development of this plan. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by the agencies listed below in preparing this plan:

  • Allegheny County Emergency Management Agency
  • American Red Cross, Allegheny County Chapter
  • Fairview Volunteer Fire Department
  • Oak Ridge Volunteer Fire Department
  • South Fayette Fire District
  • South Fayette Township Police Department
  • South Fayette Township School District
  • South Fayette Volunteer Fire Department
  • Sturgeon Volunteer Fire Department

Adoption of Hazard Mitigation Plan - South Fayette Township Resolution 2 of 2013 (PDF)

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