Board of Commissioners

Monthly Meetings

About the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the 5-person elected legislative body of South Fayette Township. Individuals seeking office must be residents and registered voters of South Fayette. Commissioners serve 4-year terms and are at-large, meaning they represent the entire township. This structure is guided by Pennsylvania's First Class Township Code.

In each even-numbered year on the first Monday of January (or in case of a holiday, on the following day), the board holds a reorganization meeting to select the president and vice president and to make other appointments and designations.

Commissioners establish policy, enact ordinances and resolutions, adopt budgets and set township taxation rates.

The Township Manager and the manager's staff are responsible for carrying out board actions and for day-to-day operational duties.

Special Appointments

South Hills Area Council of Governments (SHACOG)

Gwen Rodi (Representative)

Rebecca Sray  (Alternate)

Act 32 (Earned Income Tax Collection)

Finance Director (Representative) 

Township Manager (Alternate)

Legal Committee

Allegheny League of Municipalities

Gwen Rodi (Delegate)

Rebecca Sray (Alternate)


Goldberg Kamin and Garvin LLP

Official Publication for Legal Ads


Support Organizations

Education, training and support services are offered to elected public officials through organizations such as: