Building & Code

The Building and Code Enforcement staff deals with code enforcement, building permits, inspections, and construction issues.

The department issues permits for residential and commercial buildings, as well as accessory structures such as decks, fences and swimming pools.

Any time you plan to build something in South Fayette, please check with the township first to see if you need a permit.

Business Occupancy Permits

When a new occupant or tenant moves into a commercial space, the occupant is required to complete Business Occupancy Registration and receive the associated permit. The township will conduct required fire and safety inspections once registration is complete.

Uniform Construction Code

The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) is applied throughout Pennsylvania, including South Fayette Township.

Accurately Identify Location

South Fayette Township requires all businesses and organizations within its borders to accurately identify their location as being in South Fayette, regardless of the postal address.

Advertising and property signage must identify "South Fayette" or "South Fayette Township" as the location, even when the South Fayette property’s postal mailing address uses the Bridgeville, Oakdale, McDonald or other ’city name.’

For details, please reference this township article and "truth in advertising" ordinance.