Recreational Fires

nusiance fire complaint line

South Fayette Township enforces the Open Burning Regulations set by the Allegheny County Health Department. Visit the county’s open burning website for more information.


For immediate response, contact the South Fayette police by calling 911.

Report issues with wood smoke or other air pollution to Allegheny County:


  • Recreational burning or grill cooking that meets the county rules does not require a permit.
  • Other non-recreational burning requires a permit (ceremonies, agriculture, etc.).
  • Trash burning is prohibited.

Highlights of the open burning regulations include:

  • The definition of open burning includes any fire or combustion occurring in a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, chiminea or grill.
  • Fires are limited to a maximum overall size of 3 feet wide by 3 feet long by 2 feet high for wood burning.
  • Fires must be at least 15 feet from the nearest neighbor’s dwelling or inhabited area, such as a property line, sidewalk or roadway.
  • Permitted burning materials are clean wood, propane and natural gas, as well as charcoal for outdoor cooking; smokeless fire starters or paper; and commercial fire logs, paraffin logs or wood pellets for outdoor fireplaces.
  • Recreational open burning is restricted on Air Quality Action Days
    • An Air Quality Action Day is called when ground-level ozone and/or fine particulates are expected to exceed national health-based standards and may cause breathing problems for the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with heart or respiratory disease.