Fenced Dog Park

South Fayette Township plans to build a fenced dog park in Fairview Park as part of the Mayview site redevelopment. Construction could start in late 2021, with the dog park opening in 2022. Replacing the existing off-leash dog zone, the new, subtly fenced park will have wooded, meandering paths in a natural environment with access to shade, benches and water.

Plan for fenced, off-leash dog woods in Fairview Park

Fairview Park Dog Woods Layout

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Dog Etiquette in Parks

Dog Etiquette Tips
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Off-Leash Dog Zone at Fairview Park (Permit Required)

Get your Fairview Park Off-Leash Dog Zone permit online. Apply or renew without having to appear in person at the township office.

Yearly permit fee, per household:

  • Residents: $50
  • Non-Residents: $100

South Fayette Township provides a permit-only Off-Leash Dog Zone within Fairview Park where properly permitted dog owners and handlers may allow their animals to exercise without a leash. (Dogs MUST remain on a leash to and from the designated dog park area.)

Residents and non-residents age 18 years or older may apply to use the Off-Leash Dog Zone. Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to enter the off-leash zone.

Dog owners/handlers whose animals remain on a leash at all times within the dog park area do not need a permit. The area is open to the public and to those who are not handling dogs, but be aware that off-leash dogs may be present. Everyone enters the Off-Leash Dog Zone at their own risk.

Fairview Park Off-Lease Dog Zone Map