Anniversary Celebrations

South Fayette Township was officially established on March 16, 1842. Throughout the year 2017, the community celebrated its 175th anniversary with a variety of special events.

The township marked 180 years in 2022.

A time capsule, buried in Preservation Park, will be unearthed in 2042 to mark the community's bicentennial.

Early History

South Fayette Township is named for Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette (1757Historical Fun Facts with General Lafayette Opens in new window-1834), a French general who served the United States in the American Revolution. General Lafayette is celebrated for his support of representative government and his contributions to the achievement of American independence.

The area that today is known as South Fayette Township originally was claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia. In 1788, the area became part of Moon Township, one of the seven townships in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Two years later, Fayette Township was carved out of Moon Township. Finally, in 1842, Fayette Township was divided into two municipalities--North Fayette Township and South Fayette Township.

Historical Society

The Historical Society of South Fayette Township, established in 2004, works to preserve community history.

In 2016, the group began setting up a history center in donated space on Battle Ridge Road. The goal is to store and display documents and objects from the past, such as family histories, high school yearbooks, maps, photos and more. The history center is open by appointment only.history book Opens in new window

To arrange a visit, or to donate an item related to South Fayette history, please email or call society president Emily Williamson-Brady at 412-257-3523 or 412-221-6657.

History Book

Learn about South Fayette history through photographs and text in the book "Images of America: South Fayette Township" (Arcadia Publishing, 2015). South Fayette resident Charlotte Smith wrote the book on behalf of the Historical Society of South Fayette Township.

Snapshots of South Fayette History

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