Occupancy Registration

When an existing home is sold to a new owner, the closing company, real estate agent, lending institution or private party acquires two items from South Fayette Township: (1) a Residential Occupancy Registration (PDF) listing the new buyer's (NOT the current owner's) information and (2) a Municipal No-Lien Letter. The registration information is required by the township, Allegheny County and the Earned Income Tax collector.

In addition, the local sewer authority must issue a No-Lien Letter and Dye Test/Lateral Inspection, and the local Real Estate Tax collector must issue a tax certification.

Residential Occupancy Registration & Municipal No-Lien Letter

  1. Mail a written request for a Municipal No-Lien Letter ($25.00) and Occupancy Registration (PDF) ($25.00) along with a $50.00 check payable to South Fayette Township. A No-Lien Letter affirms that the township is not owed any debt on the property. The request should include:
    • Seller name(s)
    • Buyer name(s)
    • Property address
    • Estimated closing date

All correspondence must be mailed to: 

South Fayette Township
515 Millers Run Road
Morgan, PA 15064

Vacant Land or Builder's Lot

  • A Municipal No-Lien Letter is required
  • Occupancy Registration is not required


If you are staying in your home and refinancing your mortgage (no transfer of ownership), you must acquire a Municipal No-Lien Letter, but you do not need a new Occupancy Registration. Refinancing also requires a No-Lien Letter from the sewer authority and a tax certification from the real estate tax collector (see guidelines below).

New Residential Construction or Commercial Property

Different requirements are in place for newly built homes and commercial/business structures. Call the Building Department at 412-221-8700 for details.

Sanitary Sewer Requirements

A sanitary sewer No-Lien Letter and Dye Test/Lateral Video Camera Inspection are required when a property transfers ownership. Contact the sewer authority directly by calling 412-257-5100 or by visiting the website of the Municipal Authority of the Township of South Fayette.

Dye Test & Sewer Line Inspection Procedure

Any time a property sale or transfer occurs in South Fayette Township, the owner is required to arrange for the Municipal Authority to perform a lateral inspection and dye test of the sewer system. The purpose is to check the condition of the pipes and also to determine if rainwater is misdirected into the sanitary sewer system, which are designed only for waste water. Although colorant rarely needs to be used nowadays, the name "dye test" has stuck.

  1. Don't wait for a buyer. As soon as you decide to sell your house, arrange to have the dye test performed.
  2. Apply for a dye test. Find the inspection application and detailed instructions on the sewer authority website. Typical test fee is $175 for a sewer line up to 100 feet long.
  3. Expect the inspector. Municipal Authority employees will examine downspouts and drains, plus perform a video camera inspection of the exterior sewer line between the main line and the house. Results, which are good for three years, are sent to the applicant and the closing company.
  4. Make any necessary repairs. Costs vary, and property owners are eligible for a $1,000 rebate if an entire lateral line is replaced.

Tax Certification

Tax certification requests must be made directly to the local Real Estate (Property) Tax collector, along with the required fee.