A variety of independently owned and chain restaurants and eateries are located in South Fayette Township. Services may include dine-in, takeout, delivery, curbside delivery, drive-thru, catering, and/or other dining services. Please contact each restaurant directly for service updates, menus and hours.

Update your restaurant information (South Fayette Township locations only please).

Visit our online Business Directory for a more complete listing of township businesses.

During Lent, some nonprofit organizations also offer food sales as fundraisers. For example, the South Fayette Volunteer Fire Department, 661 Millers Run Road, holds a fish fry on Good Friday.

Places to Eat in South Fayette

Bee'z Bistro3249 Washington Pike412-257-9877
Blaze Pizza160 Millers Run Road412-533-5004
Chipotle3009 Washington Pike412-221-6515
Dunkin'179 Millers Run Road412-319-7152
Empanada Company3058 Washington Pike412-221-1750
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill201 Millers Run Road412-550-0009
First Watch160 Millers Run Road412-257-3447
Five Guys160 Millers Run Road412-914-2070
GetGo3029 Washington Pike412-220-7190
Girl Friday Cooking Co.511 Millers Run Road724-413-3461
Hunner's Pizza & Restaurant811 Station Street724-926-9636
Jimmy John's3035 Washington Pike412-221-5390
La Casa del Tacos3249 Washington Pike412-257-9877
Madsen Donuts4097 Battle Ridge Road412-385-5491
McClelland's Public House611 Millers Run Road412-564-5292
McDonald's3023 Washington Pike412-221-3759
Milkshake Factory
193 Millers Run Road
Millie's Homemade Ice Cream
160 Millers Run Road
New Dragon Express3127 Washington Pike412-221-7722
Oasis Restaurant
3181 Washington Pike
Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe1595 Mayview Road412-319-7212
Pizza Hut3127 Washington Pike412-593-6788
Portman's Farm Market3249 Washington Pike412-221-5635
Primanti Bros.195 Millers Run Road412-413-9263
Recon Brewing: Steve & Benny's Chicken Shack1401 Hastings Crescent412-914-8262
Salud Powered by Mana1433 Hastings Crescent412-319-7067
Sheetz3109 Washington Pike412-319-7057
Starbucks3007 Washington Pike412-522-7908
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
156 Millers Run Road
Valentour's Family Restaurant400 Arlington Avenue, Sturgeon724-926-2041
VFW Post 586 - South Fayette637 Millers Run Road, Cuddy412-257-2499
Please contact restaurants directly for details.