Southern Beltway


A 13-mile, $900 million portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's Southern Beltway (Interstate 576), including 4 miles in South Fayette Township, opened October 15, 2021.

The highway links with the existing 6-mile Findlay Connector to provide a route between Interstate 79 and Pittsburgh International Airport.

The entire length of the I-576 beltway includes these interchanges:

  • Interstate 79
  • South Fayette Way (Route 50)
  • Route 22 (West to Weirton or East to Robinson)
  • Beech Hollow Road (Route 980)
  • McDonald-Midway (Route 980)
  • Westport Road
  • Clinton / Imperial (Route 30)
  • Pittsburgh International Airport / I-376 (Route 60)

South Fayette Way

The South Fayette portion of the project includes the South Fayette Way interchange, accessible from Route 50 near the Gladden neighborhood in South Fayette Township.

Interstate 79

Initially, only two beltway ramps opened on I-79:

  • From northbound I-79 to westbound I-576 toward the airport
  • From eastbound I-576 to southbound I-79

In December 2021, these ramps opened:

  • From Morganza Road in Cecil to westbound I-576 toward the airport
  • From westbound I-576 to northbound I-79 in South Fayette

The rest of the ramps are expected to open in summer 2022:

  • Remaining ramps with I-79
  • Eastbound connection with Morganza Road


South Fayette Way to I-79

There is no toll on the beltway, in either direction, between South Fayette Way and I-79. 

South Fayette Way to Airport

Drivers pass through three toll points between South Fayette Way and the airport.

Each toll is $1.30 with E-ZPass or $2.60 with cashless toll-by-plate.

Flyer: Southern Beltway in South Fayette


Southern Beltway from South Fayette to the Airport

Southern Beltway between South Fayette and I-79

Aerial Overview of Southern Beltway