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March 26, 2020 3:36 PM

Playgrounds and pavilions closed

South Fayette Township appreciates the importance of residents enjoying the outdoors during COVID-19 restrictions, while also taking precautions to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Open spaces and trails in our community parks remain open, but the township is closing all playgrounds and pavilions until further notice. Indoor restrooms remain closed, but portable restrooms are available.

The township is unable to sanitize surfaces or equipment in parks or portable restrooms, and we cannot guarantee that any areas are virus-free.

The facility closures apply to Fairview Park, Boys Home Park, Sturgeon Park, Morgan Park, Preservation Park, Treveskyn Park, and facilities at the Sturgeon and Mill Street crossings of the Panhandle Trail.

Please maintain a 6-foot distance from other people while using open spaces and trails, including the Panhandle Trail. Organized sports are not permitted in the parks at this time; please do not gather in groups.

The top priority of South Fayette Township during this challenging time is the health and safety of our citizens and employees. Please follow the orders and recommendations of health officials.

Social distancing in parks infographic
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