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Reader Survey

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    We want your opinion! Help us enhance South Fayette Connect, the official magazine of South Fayette Township.

  4. Please note: This survey is NOT for "IN Community/IN South Fayette," which is an independent, private publication.

  5. This survey takes about 6 to 8 minutes to complete. Your individual responses are confidential. Overall results will be shared publicly.

  6. Response deadline is Mon. Nov. 30, 2020.

  7. Questions about this survey? Contact editor Andrea Iglar:; 412-221-8700, ext. 231.


  9. What is your relationship to South Fayette?

    Check all that apply:

  10. If you are a current resident, how long have you lived in South Fayette?

  11. What is your age?


  13. How do you generally get information about South Fayette?

    Check all that apply:

  14. How do you prefer to read South Fayette Connect?

  15. How often do you typically read South Fayette Connect?

  16. How much of each issue do you usually read?

  17. How much time do you usually spend with an issue of South Fayette Connect?

  18. How many times do you usually refer to each issue (pick up and look at it)?

  19. Including yourself, who reads your print copy of South Fayette Connect?

    Check all that apply:

  20. Including yourself, how many people (both inside and outside your household) typically read your print copy of the magazine?

  21. How long do you typically keep a print issue of the magazine?

  22. Do you save the yearly detachable recycling calendar and guide?


  24. How do you feel about the length of the magazine?

  25. What do you think about the frequency of the magazine?

  26. Please rate the quality of South Fayette Connect magazine:

  27. Ease of Reading

  28. Content

  29. Photos

  30. Writing

  31. Please rate your interest in the following types of content:

  32. Articles

  33. Photos

  34. Short News Items

  35. Event Calendars

  36. Links to Videos or Online Content

  37. TOPICS

  38. Which of the following TOWNSHIP topics interest you the most?

    Please check up to 5:

  39. Which of the following COMMUNITY topics interest you the most?

    Please check up to 5:


  41. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement about South Fayette Connect:

  42. The magazine helps me feel connected to my township government.

  43. The magazine helps me feel connected to people in my community.

  44. The magazine is useful and valuable to me.

  45. The magazine is a credible, accurate source of information.

  46. Please tell us how South Fayette Connect strengthens your connection to the township and community.

    Check all that apply:

  47. Has the magazine prompted you to take any of the following actions?

    Check all that apply:


  49. How many ads do you usually look at in the magazine?

  50. How likely are you to contact a business, or become a customer of a business, that advertises in South Fayette Connect?


  52. How do you rate the overall quality of the magazine?

  53. Thank you for participating in the 2020 South Fayette Connect magazine reader survey!


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