Will coyotes prey upon domesticated animals?

Coyotes are opportunists. They’ll eat almost anything.

Coyotes do spend considerable time mousing, but they’ll settle in a second for a rotting road-killed deer, or a cat or small dog that strays too far from the house.

Coyotes raising young can be a problem for farmers during spring and summer. Sheep, chickens and ducks are especially vulnerable.

Most times coyotes kill what they need and leave with it. But on occasion they seem to go on killing sprees.

Once an animal that could be found only in Pennsylvania’s most remote settings, coyotes, with each passing year, have been discovered closer and closer to civilization. As they adapt to living in the suburbs, their way of life may change. Given this situation, the profile on Pennsylvania’s coyotes may be incomplete.

But let’s face it, as cunning and large as this canid is, it’s quite capable of almost anything as it relates to disturbing and killing pets and some farm animals. So play it safe, give coyotes the consideration they deserve.

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