Who takes care of neighborhood roads?

South Fayette Township maintains only public roads.

In a new housing plan, the developer or HOA privately owns the roads in the neighborhood throughout construction. Once the roads are completed and built to public standards, the developer may offer a road for public dedication.

Following a legal adoption process, the township usually assumes ownership (although sometimes, for various reasons, the developer or the HOA keeps some or all roads private).

Once South Fayette secures ownership of a road, the township can acquire maintenance funds from the state’s Municipal Liquid Fuels Program.

In some cases, several years can pass before a road is offered for public dedication, such as when a new neighborhood is in the process of being built.

During this period, the developer or HOA bears all the expenses of salting, plowing, repairing, paving or otherwise maintaining its roads. The township is legally prohibited from using public tax money to maintain private roads unless specifically contracted and paid to do so.

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