Use Request Tracker to report your concerns. This service is only for non-emergency concerns. In case of emergency, dial 911. For non-emergency police matters, visit the police webpage. Please note: Information provided to the township through this Request Tracker program is categorized as public information, so there is no guarantee of privacy.

All Forms
RequestTracker Forms 49 Forms
Forms Abandoned/disorderly building or property
Forms Animal carcass on road
Forms Animal code violation
Forms Building or grounds repair
Forms Curb damage
Forms Damage to recycling bin
Forms Damaged street light
Forms Debris, litter or tree on road
Forms Detention or retention pond problem
Forms Ditch or drainage channel problem
Forms Dogs / Off-Leash Dog Park
Forms Erosion
Forms Fencing
Forms Flooding
Forms Grass / tree concern in traffic island or right-of-way
Forms Grass / tree maintenance
Forms Grass / weeds overgrown
Forms Hazardous material spill
Forms Hole beside storm inlet
Forms Home needs recycling bin
Forms Ice on road
Forms Illegal construction activity
Forms Illegal discharge into storm inlet or waterway
Forms Illegal dumping
Forms Illegal parking
Forms Junk/abandoned vehicles on private property
Forms Light not working
Forms Litter or trash in storm sewer or waterway
Forms Mud or dirt on road
Forms Oily sheen in waterway
Forms Parks - Other
Forms Playground
Forms Pothole
Forms Property Maintenance - Other
Forms Recycling not picked up
Forms Restrooms
Forms Roads - Other
Forms Sign damaged or missing
Forms Signs - Illegally placed signs
Forms Snow removal issue
Forms Speeding concerns
Forms Storm inlet/grate plugged
Forms Storm Water Management - Other
Forms Street Lights - Other
Forms Traffic signal out or damaged
Forms Trash / Recycling - Other
Forms Trash not picked up
Forms Water on road
Forms Wetlands disturbance