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John M. Barrett
Township Manager

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Nov 05

Community Center process under way

Posted on November 5, 2021 at 9:29 AM by Andrea Iglar

We value your voice.

As your local government organization, we strive to gather public feedback to inform the major decisions affecting the future of our growing community.

Earlier this year, we asked you to participate in a survey related to our Comprehensive Plan and received more than 700 responses. You can view the results on our website.

Now, I am asking you to respond to another survey—this time, to hear how you would use a proposed South Fayette Community Center with a Recreation Facility and Library.

Some of you may recall similar concepts in prior years and perhaps offered your opinions on those. While there are valid reasons these past proposals never materialized, I am pleased to share that South Fayette Township is poised to begin a new process to design and construct a community center on township-owned property along Hickory Grade Road.

The center would include recreation, fitness and community facilities, as well as an expanded South Fayette Township Library.

The South Fayette Township Board of Commissioners, the township and library staff, and Kimmel Bogrette Architecture have developed a preliminary plan to set up this project for success, but we also need support and input from the community at large.

Please take the time to provide us with your candid feedback.

The online survey will be open from Mon. Nov. 8 through Tues. Nov. 30.

Thank you for continuing to make your voice heard so we can better serve you in South Fayette Township.


John M. Barrett

Township Manager

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Jun 17

Help shape the future of South Fayette

Posted on June 17, 2021 at 9:22 AM by Andrea Iglar

South Fayette Township is preparing to update our Comprehensive Plan and needs your help to ensure the plan reflects our community's vision.

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that guides future initiatives, policies, projects and growth, including land use, transportation of people and goods, housing, township facilities and utilities, and natural and historical resources.

Every 10 years, the township reevaluates the plan and considers what changes are needed to meet the needs of the evolving South Fayette community.

This process brings together residents and stakeholders from our volunteer boards, community groups and businesses to create a strategy that will help our township continue to prosper for the next decade.

While not a binding document, the adopted plan will guide future land development and zoning laws, infrastructure improvements and policy changes. We want your input so the plan is inclusive and reflective of our diverse viewpoints and priorities.
  • What do you want for the future of South Fayette?
  • What aspects of the township do you hope will continue for years to come?
  • How has your neighborhood progressed, and where can it be improved?
Help create the future of South Fayette Township by taking our online survey.

In addition to the survey, the township will host other public events to collect community input. We hope you will take the time to be part of this important community process.

The survey will take only a few minutes to complete, but your responses will help make big decisions.

Take the survey now through 5 p.m. July 24, 2021, to share your opinion.

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Mar 26

Volunteer firefighters valuable to community

Posted on March 26, 2021 at 2:35 PM by Andrea Iglar

South Fayette Township recognizes the dedicated, hardworking volunteers of the South Fayette Township fire service.

South Fayette is fortunate to be served by four high-quality fire departments that are staffed 100 percent by volunteers.

We appreciate their sacrifice and community service as they devote time away from family to respond to emergency calls, protect our homes and businesses, participate in training and organize fundraisers.

With so many duties on their plate, all four fire departments need more volunteers.

Adults and youth have many opportunities to help, including options that don’t require going into a burning building. For example, volunteers can assist with special events, computer work and support tasks.

The fire service also needs the community's ongoing financial support.

Our volunteer fire departments—Fairview, Oak Ridge, South Fayette and Sturgeon—could not survive without direct donations from individuals, families and businesses.

The township recognizes our fire departments as a valuable public safety service and assists by offsetting operating costs and offering tax incentives to volunteers.

Our costs would be much higher if it weren’t for the devoted volunteers who have a passion to serve.

We hope you will share our enthusiasm and pride for the fire service by continuing to provide financial support to your local fire station and, if possible, by volunteering.


John M. Barrett
South Fayette Township Manager