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Mar 26

Volunteer firefighters valuable to community

Posted on March 26, 2021 at 2:35 PM by Andrea Iglar

South Fayette Township recognizes the dedicated, hardworking volunteers of the South Fayette Township fire service.

South Fayette is fortunate to be served by four high-quality fire departments that are staffed 100 percent by volunteers.

We appreciate their sacrifice and community service as they devote time away from family to respond to emergency calls, protect our homes and businesses, participate in training and organize fundraisers.

With so many duties on their plate, all four fire departments need more volunteers.

Adults and youth have many opportunities to help, including options that don’t require going into a burning building. For example, volunteers can assist with special events, computer work and support tasks.

The fire service also needs the community's ongoing financial support.

Our volunteer fire departments—Fairview, Oak Ridge, South Fayette and Sturgeon—could not survive without direct donations from individuals, families and businesses.

The township recognizes our fire departments as a valuable public safety service and assists by offsetting operating costs and offering tax incentives to volunteers.

Our costs would be much higher if it weren’t for the devoted volunteers who have a passion to serve.

We hope you will share our enthusiasm and pride for the fire service by continuing to provide financial support to your local fire station and, if possible, by volunteering.


John M. Barrett
South Fayette Township Manager
Jan 25

Accomplishments show bright side of challenging year

Posted on January 25, 2021 at 10:52 AM by Andrea Iglar

I know everyone can relate when I say it feels good to put 2020 in the rearview mirror.

Undoubtedly, the past year presented South Fayette Township with unprecedented challenges and a series of obstacles that seemed never-ending.

If there is a silver lining to the twists and turns of 2020, it was the way we responded to each and every challenge and forged ahead despite the pandemic that demanded so much of our attention.

I am proud of the resolve the township has displayed and would like to share a few highlights from the past year.

In 2020, South Fayette welcomed more than 25 new businesses, including six new restaurants.

Construction stayed strong, with the township issuing 379 building permits for home improvements, new construction, additions and other projects.

The nonprofit South Fayette Conservation Group secured a $13 million grant to clean up Millers Run, a tributary of Chartiers Creek, by building a treatment plant to remove the orange-tinted acid mine drainage from the water.

The township secured $635,000 in grants, sponsorships and fundraising to advance projects such as expanding Fairview Park and implementing the police body-worn program, which aims to improve officer-citizen interactions and safety.

Our investment to pave more than 75 roads topped $2 million, while our Public Works Department repaired 83 storm inlets, sealed 7 miles of roadway, and mowed 94 acres of parkland and 141 miles of grass along roads.

The Recreation Department offered 55 virtual programs and socially distanced events, such as Joy-Thru Fairview.

We also prepared new programs that are launching in 2021: the South Fayette CitizenLink mobile app and the Military Banner Program.

Our 2020 accomplishments speak to the remarkable resolve of the South Fayette community and the spirit of the residents, businesses and employees who make our community strong.


John M. Barrett
South Fayette Township Manager
Oct 14

Township continues to forge ahead during pandemic

Posted on October 14, 2020 at 9:31 AM by Andrea Iglar

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2020, I reflect upon the year so far with mixed emotions.

On one hand, 2020 has brought South Fayette Township a series of challenges like never before. The coronavirus pandemic forced us to cancel South Fayette Community Day, our July Fourth fireworks celebration, Summer Playground Camp and just about every other community gathering that we take such pride in offering.

However, despite all the obstacles of 2020, I am optimistic and excited about the future.

In this issue of South Fayette Connect—the magazine’s 20th issue since it first published in 2016—I would like to highlight the very good work the township has been able to accomplish this year.

Going into 2020, our primary goal was to expand and enhance the annual road paving program.
The 2020 budget earmarked more than $2 million for roadway improvements. Despite construction activities being temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus, and safety precautions impacting our traditional office work environment, our ambitious plan to improve the road network has been successful.

The vision and leadership of the township Board of Commissioners have been key, as the elected officials urged us to forge ahead when many communities were reluctant to take on large projects due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.

And forge ahead, we did. Not only have we undertaken the largest road paving program in township history, but we also have pursued long-term capital projects that will serve the community for years to come.

Most notably, the township plans to construct a new municipal building and police station on recently purchased land along Hickory Grade Road.

The new facility will provide the police with desperately needed accommodations to provide professional services and will equip township staff with space to operate more efficiently and cooperatively. We anticipate a groundbreaking in early 2021.

Additionally, the commissioners have formed a strategic plan for the existing municipal complex on Millers Run Road that will address the facility needs of the South Fayette Township Library, provide community spaces and potentially offer indoor recreational amenities.

These projects have long been talked about, but for a variety of reasons could not be completed. With strong teamwork and leadership from the commissioners, these projects now are being pursued in a responsible manner. Soon the community will have the opportunity to participate in the planning process to help make this vision a reality.

I look forward to our momentum carrying over into 2021. For example, as part of our five-year Capital Improvements Plan, we will leverage more than $1 million in grant awards to make significant improvements to Fairview Park and Morgan Park.

The future is bright in South Fayette!


John M. Barrett
South Fayette Township Manager