Who owns, maintains and plows my road?

South Fayette Township contains roadways that are owned and / or maintained by three separate political entities:

  • South Fayette Township owns and maintains approximately 77 miles of local roadways within South Fayette, plus maintains 46 miles of state roads through contractual agreements
  • Allegheny County maintains the roads that it owns
  • State-owned roads are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), or by South Fayette under a maintenance agreement.

Other streets are privately owned by individuals, developers and homeowner associations. All road owners are responsible for providing their own maintenance, such as paving, storm drain repair and snow plowing.

Report road concerns to the entity that owns or maintains the road.

State-Owned Roads Maintained by PennDOT

  • State Route 50
  • Washington Pike
  • Boyce Road
  • Mayview Road

State-Owned Roads Maintained by South Fayette Township Public Works

Any state roads that South Fayette maintains involves the portions located within South Fayette Township. Additions were made for the 2023-2024 snow season.

  • Kenneweg Avenue
  • Millers Run Road
  • Oakridge Road
  • Presto-Sygan Road
  • Robinson Run Road
  • Thoms Run Road (from Dutch Hill Road to Battle Ridge Road)
  • Union Avenue (Route 978)

County-Owned Roads Maintained by Allegheny County

  • Thoms Run Road, from Federal Hill to the intersection of Dutch Hill Road
  • Seminary Avenue
  • Multiple bridges

Township Roads Owned and Maintained by South Fayette Township Public Works

  • All township-owned streets, alleys, and roadways

If there is any question as to who maintains your street, please contact the township office or the Public Works Department.

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