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Jan 25

Accomplishments show bright side of challenging year

Posted on January 25, 2021 at 10:52 AM by Andrea Iglar

I know everyone can relate when I say it feels good to put 2020 in the rearview mirror.

Undoubtedly, the past year presented South Fayette Township with unprecedented challenges and a series of obstacles that seemed never-ending.

If there is a silver lining to the twists and turns of 2020, it was the way we responded to each and every challenge and forged ahead despite the pandemic that demanded so much of our attention.

I am proud of the resolve the township has displayed and would like to share a few highlights from the past year.

In 2020, South Fayette welcomed more than 25 new businesses, including six new restaurants.

Construction stayed strong, with the township issuing 379 building permits for home improvements, new construction, additions and other projects.

The nonprofit South Fayette Conservation Group secured a $13 million grant to clean up Millers Run, a tributary of Chartiers Creek, by building a treatment plant to remove the orange-tinted acid mine drainage from the water.

The township secured $635,000 in grants, sponsorships and fundraising to advance projects such as expanding Fairview Park and implementing the police body-worn program, which aims to improve officer-citizen interactions and safety.

Our investment to pave more than 75 roads topped $2 million, while our Public Works Department repaired 83 storm inlets, sealed 7 miles of roadway, and mowed 94 acres of parkland and 141 miles of grass along roads.

The Recreation Department offered 55 virtual programs and socially distanced events, such as Joy-Thru Fairview.

We also prepared new programs that are launching in 2021: the South Fayette CitizenLink mobile app and the Military Banner Program.

Our 2020 accomplishments speak to the remarkable resolve of the South Fayette community and the spirit of the residents, businesses and employees who make our community strong.


John M. Barrett
South Fayette Township Manager


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