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Jun 15

Get in the habit of locking car doors

Posted on June 15, 2015 at 12:30 PM by Andrea Iglar

I would like to remind all of our residents that it is vitally important, especially with the weather turning nicer, to remember to always lock the doors to your vehicles.

Throughout the years, South Fayette Township, like other communities, has had issues with thefts from vehicles. It is important to remember that most criminals are opportunists and will check to see if a vehicle is locked. If it is locked, thieves usually will move on. If they find one unlocked, they may steal your personal belongings from inside your car. You should avoid the common practice of keeping extra keys or a garage door opener inside your car because if a thief gets ahold of them, it could lead to easy access into your home.

It also is important to remove any and all valuables from the interior of your car to minimize the chance of anyone wanting to gain entry into even a locked vehicle. Take all valuables out of your car, or at the very least lock them into your trunk so they are removed from plain sight.

Prevention is the best way to stop opportunistic criminals from taking advantage.

--Police Chief John R. Phoennik


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