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Jan 05

For safer roads, avoid parking on streets during winter weather

Posted on January 5, 2016 at 9:21 AM by Andrea Iglar

Like it or not, winter is upon us and we must all begin to deal with cold, gray and unpleasant weather for the next several months. But there is a way we can make winter brighter for everyone traveling on our roadways.

During winter ice and snow, crews from South Fayette Township Public Works frequently plow and salt to ensure road safety. Residents can help by not parking their vehicles along the streets or in the culs-de-sac when bad weather is predicted. This will allow road trucks to access all township roadways and provide the best possible snow and ice treatments.

The Police Department always works hand in hand with Public Works and the South Fayette School District to communicate road conditions for the benefit of motorists and the safety of our children. This way, Public Works can prioritize which streets need treated first and foremost, and the school district can determine if a school delay or cancellation is needed.

Again, if residents could please help by avoiding parking on streets or in culs-de-sac during winter weather, South Fayette Township can provide a better service to our community. Thanks as always.

--Police Chief John R. Phoennik


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