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South Fayette Township
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175th Anniversary Forms

  1. Share your South Fayette Memories

    Share your best memories and photos of South Fayette in honor of the township's 175th anniversary in 2017. Whether your memory is from... More…

Business Forms

  1. Economic Development Assistance Request

    Are you considering a development project in South Fayette? Fill out this form with your questions about permits, processes or... More…

Feedback Forms

  1. South Fayette Community Day - Feedback Survey

    This South Fayette Township survey seeks feedback from guests, vendors and participants of the first annual South Fayette Community Day... More…

General Forms

  1. Bidder Information Form

    The purpose of this form is to collect contact information from those who download a bid or RFP packet so the township can ensure all... More…

  2. Website Feedback

    Tell us your ideas for additions and updates to the South Fayette Township website.

  1. Business & Community Directory Request Form

    Request that your business, organization or community group serving South Fayette Township be included in our courtesy online resource... More…

Magazine Forms

  1. South Fayette Connect Magazine - Feedback

    Submit your magazine comments, questions and suggestions.

Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. Community Day Interest Form

    Please send us your contact information if you are interested in participating as performer, activity provider or volunteer.

Police Forms

  1. Police Tip Line

    Submit an anonymous crime tip to the South Fayette Township Police Department.

Volunteer Forms

  1. Lend-a-Hand SF

    Express your interest in Lend-a-Hand SF, South Fayette Township's volunteer & intern program.