County Dog Licenses

To acquire an Allegheny County dog license, please visit the website for the Allegheny County Dog License Department or stop by the township office for a paper application. For a Washington County dog license, visit the Washington County website.

Dogs in Township Parks

Dogs must remain on physical leashes at all times in all parts of township parks, including Morgan Park, Sturgeon Park, Boys Home Park, the Seminary Avenue Fields and the Panhandle Trail.

Dogs must remain on physical leashes in all parts of Fairview Park, except inside the designated Off-Lease Dog Zone ONLY when the owner/handler carries a current permit properly issued by South Fayette Township.

Owners must have their dogs under control at all times, clean up after their dogs and follow all other park rules and regulations. Please call 9-1-1 immediately to report any violations or emergencies.
Dog at Fairview Park

Online Dog Permits - NEW!

New in 2018: Get your Off-Leash Dog Zone permit online! Apply or renew without having to appear in person at the township office.

South  Fayette Township provides a permit-only Off-Leash Dog Zone within  Fairview Park where properly permitted dog owners and handlers may allow  their animals to exercise without a leash. (Dogs MUST remain on a leash  to and from the designated dog park area.) Wide, mowed paths meander  through the non-fenced scenic park, providing an enjoyable outdoor  experience.

Residents and non-residents age 18 years or older may apply to use the Off-Leash Dog Zone at Fairview Park. Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to enter the dog Off-Leash Dog Zone.

Dog owners/handlers whose animals remain on a leash at all times within the  dog park area do not need a permit. The area is open to the public and to those who are not handling dogs, but be aware that off-leash dogs may be present. Everyone enters the Off-Leash Dog Zone at their own risk.

How to Apply for a Permit

Each dog owner/handler must apply online OR visit the township office in person to complete an application and be issued a Photo ID Permit. Permits are issued per owner/handler, not per dog. Each permit is issued to a specific individual and may NOT be transferred to any other person.

  • To obtain a Photo ID Permit online, visit the "Permits & Licenses" tab at the online registration link and follow the instructions.

  • Visit the township office IN PERSON with the following items:
  • A completed Off-Leash Dog Zone Application, which includes the Rules & Regulations and the Liability Waiver & Release forms (copies also are available at the township office)
  • Proof of a current county dog license and current rabies certificate for each dog
  • Valid Driver's License or ID for each owner/handler age 18 or older who wishes to use the dog park
  • Payment in the form of a check, money order, cash payment or major credit card (cards subject to processing fee)
The South Fayette Township office (515 Millers Run Road, South Fayette PA 15064) normally is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Occasionally, dog park registrations may be accepted during special events designated for that purpose.


Yearly permit fee, per household:
  • South Fayette Residents: $50
  • Non-Residents: $100
While each household pays only one fee, EVERY INDIVIDUAL in the household who wishes to handle dogs in the dog park must complete a separate application and be issued a separate photo permit. Dog walkers/handlers who live in a separate household must obtain their own permit and pay a separate fee.

Rules & Regulations

As part of the permit application, each applicant must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Off-Leash Dog Zone and of Fairview Park. Owners/handlers who fail to follow the dog park rules and regulations, or who fail to obtain and display the required permit, may be subject to fines and/or revocation of park privileges. The Rules & Regulations of the Off-Leash Dog Zone are enforced per township ordinance.

Entrance & Parking

The Off-Leash Dog Zone entrance is located near the large Rotary Pavilion, near the water towers. Car parking is encouraged beyond the large pavilion. All dogs must be kept on a physical leash prior to entering the designated off-leash area.

Off-Leash Dog Zone at Fairview Park

Fairview Park Off-Lease Dog Zone Map

Sample ID Badge for Dog Park

Sample ID Badge for dog park