Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt using a phone app or a GPS device to find containers, or “caches,” hidden all over the world--including in South Fayette Township parks! Learn how to get started, and play for free.

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Introduction to Geocaching (no audio)

Geocaching in South Fayette Township (with audio)

  1. Boys Home Park
  2. Fairview Park
  3. Morgan Park
  4. Preservation Park
  5. Sturgeon Park
  6. Panhandle Trail

Boys Home Park

2121 Ridge Road
South Fayette, PA 15071

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Stroll through Boys Home Park


N 40° 23.279 W 080° 10.375

This out-of-the-way park in South Fayette Township houses a soccer field, pavilion and playground. You will notice a stone wall and stone foundation that are remnants of an original building of the Boys Home. Additionally there is a gravel service road that runs along the hillside to farm fields above.

You are looking for a larger plastic container neatly tucked away. Enjoy the views of the farm fields and open spaces while hiking the gravel road to the cache. Please replace and re-camouflage as found. First-to-find prize of a scratch-off lottery ticket awaits.

Learn about the history of Boys Home Park in this article from South Fayette Connect (pages 10 to 11).

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Geocache in South Fayette park